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These all-online courses will connect you with like-minded learners from around the world, and with the power of God for your life. Today.

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The first of its kind! Learn from teachers like Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Graham Cooke, Patricia King, Doug Addison, Bob Hazlett, Kim Maas, and more. These 8-week online courses will connect you with a small group of classmates, led by a dedicated facilitator. You’ll have weekly homework to practice the things you’re learning.

Take a deep dive into healing & prophetic ministry from the comfort of your own home.



Sample Videos

SAMPLE 1: Jamie Galloway, “Prophetic Delivery”

From our Prophetic Basics course.

SAMPLE 2: Randy Clark interviews Heidi Baker

From our Physical Healing 1 course.


Student Testimonials

  • Taking the CHCP courses has completely changed how I see the world around me and given me faith and encouragement. I am learning how to effectively help people transform into who God has called them to be.
  • Taking Physical Healing 1 & 2 have forced me out of “retirement” as a Vineyard Pastor. Praying for the healing of others is now a regular part of my experience and walk with Christ. God Bless You!
  • This program has given me the courage and confidence to step up and move toward where God wants me to. I’m starting to pray over people more and more. Thanks CHCP!
  • As a result of this course I can testify that not only has my prophetic gift been enhanced, my ability to hear from God has increased, and also two of my children have started to prophesy without having had any teaching about it.
  • Since taking the prophetic classes I have learned how easy it is to hear the voice of God for myself and for people. I am deeply convicted that God wants to show His love for people and heal everyone and bring them to relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. As a result, I prayed for people and saw some healed instantly, some gradually. Through this class I have a better understanding of prophecy and how God can use me if I make myself available.
  • When I signed up for Old Testament Prophecy, I assumed an in-depth analysis of the Old Testament prophets would yield question after question about FORE-telling of future events. Instead I have come to understand major themes of the Old Testament prophets involve FORTH-telling, where the various prophets speak on behalf of God against issues surrounding the poor, justice, mercy, and structures or practices that disadvantage the poor. This has led to a paradigm shift for me, one that I am just beginning to feel.


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Answers to questions

  • How much does it cost?
    Physical Healing 1 costs $350. There are 3 books required. We offer a package discount of $35 for the books, or you can get them elsewhere.
    Prophetic Basics costs $350. There are 5 books required. We offer a package discount of $66 to buy them, or you can get them elsewhere.
  • Is it go-at-your-own-pace?
    No. It is an 8-week course with weekly assignments, homework, and required group discussions. You will be graded, so it’s possible to fail a course!
  • Do I get certified if I complete a course?
    No, you have to complete more than one course to earn a certificate. See the CHCP website for more information.
  • It seems like this is just books and videos. Why not just watch YouTube and read the books?
    These are full classroom experiences, online. You’ll have a dedicated facilitator who will walk you through the class as an instructor. You’ll have a small group of fellow students, going through the course together, sharing experiences, holding each other accountable, and becoming friends. You’ll watch videos each week from world-class leaders, sharing their core life messages. In fact, most of our videos are exclusive to this program, so they cannot be found elsewhere. This is deep learning, and it’s hard work. People fail our courses, and sometimes they drop out because they can’t handle the commitment. These are not meant to be easy or bite-size; rather, the GCP courses are educational workouts that will give you an opportunity to find a fresh baptism of God’s power, a thorough understanding of doctrine, a greater love for the Bible, an understanding of your place in Church history, and practical tools to step out in healing and prophetic ministry.
  • What does a week look like in class?
    Each week you’ll watch a video, read a portion of a book, do a practical element of practice, participate in small group discussions online, and do homework.

Not quite ready? We understand. We have built two separate websites with lots of specifics about course content, instructors, deadlines, and more:

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  • We hold 5 sessions (semesters) per calendar year. Each session is 8 weeks long.
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  • Registration for Session 2 is open.
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We bring you high quality teaching, authentic interaction with other students, and life-changing experiences all in the comfort of your own home. Offering certifications in physical healing, inner healing, deliverance, and prophetic ministry.


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